Where do you shoot?
Wherever you are!  I am an on-location photographer.  I prefer to shoot outside with natural lighting, but can make the indoors work, too.  I am located in Fort Wayne, IN, but am willing to travel.  If you need suggestions, just ask!  I've done several shoots in various locations.  I'll do my best to find that perfect place for you!

How much do you charge to travel?
I will travel up to 20 miles from my home at no additional charge.  Beyond the 20 miles, I charge $.555 per mile as recommended by the IRS.  For an exact charge, contact me and I'd be happy to give you an amount!

What if I need to cancel?
If you completely cancel your shoot, you will only be out your $30 deposit.  If you choose to reschedule, the deposit will just transfer to the new date.

What if I don't like my pictures?
Before I take your pictures, we will have a little chat (phone, email, or in person... you choose) about what you are expecting from me.  I will do my best to accommodate your request.  For example, if you are wanting a vintage look to your pictures, I will edit accordingly.  If you are not happy with the editing, or would like something different, I will re-edit your entire shoot once at no additional charge.  If it's just a few photos that you want re-edited (example: a black and white photo re-edited showing color, or the reverse), just let me know and I'd be happy to do so at no charge!

Do I need to bring anything to the shoot?
You may bring any props you wish to include.  You may also bring a clothing change if you wish.  During your consultation, I will let you know of any props I have that may be of use in your shoot.

What if my kid(s) don't cooperate and cry the whole time?
Don't worry about it!  I will take as many pics of your little one that I can.  I will take a look at the photos when I get home and if I didn't get anything good at all, I'll re-shoot for you at no charge.  You will not receive any of the photos from the first shoot.  Trust me though, I can get some good shots of even the fussiest kids!

Did I cover all of your questions?  If not, feel free to email me!